101 Biggest Hits of 2013! #30-21

Welcome back everyone! Today the countdown continues with songs 30-21 of the 101 Biggest Hits of 2013! If this is your first time checking in on the countdown, please read this for the process by which I ranked the songs you are about to see! Without further ado, let’s pick up where we left off with song #30!

#30: Daylight by Maroon 5
Peak: #7            2013 Weeks on Chart: 23        Points: 1806

One last 2013 Maroon 5 hit for us on the countdown. As I’ve mentioned a few times throughout the week, Overexposed proved to be one of the band’s most successful albums, and spawned four Top Ten hits. “Daylight,” the third single was released in perfect harmony to line up with the beginning of 2013. The ballad combined the softer side of Maroon 5 (think “She Will Be Loved“) with the more heavily-produced newer style of band, creating a fusion of sorts which registered well with radio stations and audiences throughout the winter.

#29: Scream & Shout by will.i.am f/Britney Spears
Peak: #3            2013 Weeks on Chart: 21         Points: 1811

Take a look around the popular music scene, and you’ll see that it is full of solo artists who have broken away from the groups that led them to fame. Beyoncé came from Destiny’s Child, Justin Timberlake sang with ‘N SYNC, and the list goes on. Thus, it is unsurprising to see that will.i.am, frontman of the Black Eyed Peas, decided to launch a foray into the solo career business with his #willpower album in 2013. “Scream & Shout,” its first single, featured Britney Spears as well as the pop/techno combination that came to define the Black Eyed Peas on their two most recent albums. Peaking at #3, the song actually matched the performance of “Just Can’t Get Enough,” the Peas’ last hit on the Hot 100.

#28: Come & Get It by Selena Gomez
Peak: #6          2013 Weeks on Chart: 22         Points: 1821

2013 was a big year for Ms. Gomez. First, it looks like she finally dumped the Biebs for good (although we can never be sure with their relationship). More importantly though, she released Stars Dance, the album that introduced the world to an all-grown-up Selena, without the morally bankrupt consequences à la Miley Cyrus. The first single “Come & Get It” took the charts by storm over the summer, quickly becoming her first Top 10 single and helping her bid a fond farewell to the Disney Channel. And all that accomplished without a single twerk. How about that.

#27: Power Trip by J. Cole f/Miguel
Peak: #19            2013 Weeks on Chart: 29         Points: 1857

As I mentioned earlier on the countdown while discussing “Crooked Smile,” J. Cole more than held his own in the summer 2013 battle between his Born Sinner album and Kanye West’s Yeezus. In fact, from the perspective of the singles, there was no contest. J. Cole clearly had the better charting hits this year, and the first single “Power Trip” is the second-highest hip-hop song on the countdown by someone not named Macklemore. Featuring vocals from Miguel, the single sold over 1 million copies, and received a Grammy nomination for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

#26: Treasure by Bruno Mars
Peak: #5            2013 Weeks on Chart: 23         Points: 1888

Bruno Mars has three songs from Unorthodox Jukebox on the countdown, and all of them reached the top 30. Even more impressive than that is the fact that he turned the same trick in 2011 with “Grenade,” “Just The Way You Are,” and “The Lazy Song.” With “Treasure,” a funky song that calls to mind Michael Jackson’s late 1970s material, Mars drew inspiration from Breakbot’s 2010 French hit “Baby I’m Yours,” replacing the electronic elements with a horn section. The music video is also an homage of sorts, showing great similarity to Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1982 hit “Let’s Groove.” If all this adds up to sounding like “Treasure” is an unoriginal song, fear not. Bruno Mars’ knack for putting his own spin on the popular music genre is on full display here, enabling the song to sound completely unique, all the while calling up memories of a decade long gone.

#25: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up) by Fall Out Boy
Peak: #13            2013 Weeks on Chart: 26         Points: 1912

After almost five years since their cover of “Beat It” reached the Top 20, Fall Out Boy exploded back into the public eye in 2013. With the release of Save Rock And Roll, their first studio album since 2008, the Chicago band saw a spike in popularity which lagged only slightly behind the 2005 glory days of “Dance, Dance” and “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down.” Lead single “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” sounds like vintage Fall Out Boy, with heavy production, a 12-syllable title, and all the Patrick Stump vocals your eardrums can take. The other singles from the album haven’t gathered quite as much traction, but “Alone Together” has been jumping up the chart steadily in recent weeks.

#24: Royals by Lorde
Peak: #1 (for 9 weeks)            2013 Weeks on Chart: 24         Points: 2008

Nobody makes me feel old quite like Lorde. Prior to October, no artist in the history of the Hot 100 had achieved a #1 single AND been born after me (1993). That fact got thrown out the window when the young New Zealander (born in 1996) began a 9-week reign atop the Hot 100 with “Royals,” the first single off of her debut album Pure Heroine. Receiving a slew of Grammy nominations including Song and Record of the Year, and practically defining the second half of 2013, it’s a shame she didn’t release it earlier, as it deserves a much higher ranking on the countdown. Her second single “Team” benefited from a December music video release and should break into the Top 20 within the next few weeks.

#23: I Love It by Icona Pop f/Charli XCX
Peak: #7            2013 Weeks on Chart: 29         Points: 2070

What’s a year in music without a good old-fashioned debut hit destined to become a one-hit wonder? Sorry “Harlem Shake,” but “I Love It” by Swedish duo Icona Pop won the battle here, spending the first eight months of 2013 firmly cemented in the upper regions of the Hot 100. Gaining United States attention from its use in a January 2013 episode of Girls, the rowdy song saw a major jump in digital downloads and quickly became a favorite of popular radio stations across the country. Featured British singer Charli XCX utilized the song’s popularity to release her single “SuperLove” in December.

#22: Wake Me Up! by Avicii
Peak: #4            2013 Weeks on Chart: 25         Points: 2087

At the tender age of 24, Swedish DJ Avicii may just have gone out and created a brand-new genre of music. His career was already one of global repute before 2013, as his worldwide hit “Levels” served as the basis for Flo Rida’s hit “Good Feeling.” However, with the release of his debut full-length album TRUE in September, the world was introduced to a brand new blend of traditional EDM with unmistakable twinges of country and tradional folk music. This so-called “folktronica” has caught on like wildfire and in just three short months has become a highly viable style of popular music. With “Wake Me Up,” featuring fellow Swede Aloe Blacc on vocals, Avicii earned his first Top Ten single in the United States, and has remained in that region for the last four months. His followup single “Hey Brother” utilizes the same new fusion, and figures to achieve a similar level of international success.

#21: Locked Out Of Heaven by Bruno Mars
Peak: #1 (for 6 weeks)            2013 Weeks on Chart: 25         Points: 2089

Bruno Mars’ flair for retro grooves has never been more audible than on “Locked Out Of Heaven,” the first single from Unorthodox Jukebox. Released in late 2012, the song’s memorable bass line and punchy “Oh Yeah Yeah”s took “Locked Out Of Heaven” straight to the top of the Hot 100, where it spent 6 weeks in the pole position. It holds the always-coveted distinction of being both the last #1 single of 2012 and the first #1 single of 2013, allowing it to define both years. Its music video displayed Mars’ new fascination with VHS-reminiscent picture quality, a trait he also utilized on the video for “Treasure.”


Only two days remain on the 101 Biggest Hits of 2013! You can’t afford to miss the rest of the countdown now, so be sure to read tomorrow when songs 20-11 are revealed!

Until then,



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