101 Biggest Hits of 2016! #80-71

Welcome back to the 101 Biggest Hits of 2016! On today’s menu, I will reveal songs 80 through 71 on the countdown. If you missed any previous installment, here’s where you can catch up:

Let’s get things started with song #80!

#80: Back To Sleep by Chris Brown
Peak: #20     2016 Weeks on Chart: 20         Points: 1107
Billboard Year-End Ranking: 89

Whatever your opinion of Chris Brown, there’s no denying how consistent his chart success has been. With the exception of 2009, Brown has placed at least one song in my countdown since debuting with “Run It!” in 2005. “Back To Sleep” never crossed over to mainstream pop radio, but was an early-year staple on R&B stations, giving it more than enough momentum to continue his streak.

#79: White Iverson by Post Malone
Peak: #14      2016 Weeks on Chart: 16         Points: 1117
Billboard Year-End Ranking: 65

With “White Iverson,” Post Malone joined the surprisingly long list of Hot 100 hits to name-check NBA stars. Some fun examples include Steve Nash in Nelly Furtado’s “Promiscuous,” Tracy McGrady in Rae Sremmurd’s “This Could Be Us,” and of course Aaron Carter’s all-timer “That’s How I Beat Shaq.” Post Malone’s debut single likely sets the record for most named players however, as the titular Allen Iverson is joined by references to James Harden and Anthony Davis.

#78: Say It by Tory Lanez
Peak: #23       2016 Weeks on Chart: 16       Points: 1132
Billboard Year-End Ranking: 74

Another newcomer to the hip-hop and R&B charts this year was Canadian artist Tory Lanez, who scored a pair of Top 40 hits from his debut studio album. In what appears to be a rite of passage for successful hip-hop artists, Lanez became the presumed subject of yet another Drake feud this year.

#77: The Greatest by Sia f/Kendrick Lamar
Peak: #18            2016 Weeks on Chart: 15         Points: 1136
Billboard Year-End Ranking: Not Ranked

While many songs from the past 12 months have embraced (perhaps too much) the tropical vibe that has swept through most genres, Sia’s “The Greatest” was one of the best at utilizing the trend subtly and effectively. Since its run didn’t begin until the end of September, “The Greatest” was not recognized by Billboard on it’s year-end chart, making it the highest-ranked song on my list to not be on both lists.

#76: Middle by DJ Snake f/Bipolar Sunshine
Peak: #20            2016 Weeks on Chart: 21         Points: 1173
Billboard Year-End Ranking: 80

One of the more impressive chart consistency streaks belongs to Frenchman DJ Snake. Since first reaching the Hot 100 in 2014 with “Turn Down For What,” each of his charting singles have made an appearance in my year-end countdown. His first of two entries this year, “Middle” featured vocals from British singer Bipolar Sunshine. The featured artist on DJ Snake’s other countdown entry may be a bit more familiar…

#75: 679 by Fetty Wap f/Remy Boyz
Peak: #11 (#4 in 2015)     2016 Weeks on Chart: 16      Points: 1176
Billboard Year-End Ranking: 54

Nearly equaling the success of “Trap Queen,” “679” served admirably as a followup, reaching the Top 5 in the fall of 2015. Extending its chart run into April, it accrued well over 3,000 total points, more than enough to place in the Top 10 were its run contained within one calendar year.

#74: In The Night by The Weeknd
Peak: #12         2016 Weeks on Chart: 15       Points: 1184
Billboard Year-End Ranking: 61

As the final single from Beauty Behind The Madness, “In The Night” had its work cut out for it in following the smash hits “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face.” While it failed to reach the Top 10, the single helped to assure that The Weeknd’s chart footprint would not be limited to his breakout 2015.

#72 (tie): Tiimmy Turner by Desiigner
Peak: #34            2016 Weeks on Chart: 20         Points: 1218
Billboard Year-End Ranking: 98

I may have to do a little more research on this, but I’m fairly certain that Desiigner is the first artist to reach the Hot 100 with a Nickelodeon-inspired title. “Tiimmy Turner” became the young rapper’s second straight Top 40 hit and put to bed any one-hit wonder talks.

P.S. If you count lyrics, Spongebob and Squidward are mentioned in the R3j3ctz’s 2011 hit “Cat Daddy,” so I do suppose that a precedent exists.

#72 (tie): Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya
Peak: #28            2016 Weeks on Chart: 24         Points: 1218
Billboard Year-End Ranking: 78

Daya makes her second appearance on this countdown with the title track off her debut album Sit Still, Look Pretty. Through this, “Hide Away,” and her featured appearance on the Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down,” the teen singer pulled off an impressive feat for her first full year on the charts. Namely, she was present with at least one song on all 53 2016 editions of the Hot 100, a feat usually reserved for well-established pop stars.

#71: Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor f/John Legend
Peak: #9 (#8 in 2015)     2016 Weeks on Chart: 16         Points: 1222
Billboard Year-End Ranking: 42

“Like I’m Gonna Lose You” is a perfect analogue to The Weeknd’s “In The Night,” in that it was a successful (but not dominant) final single from the singer’s respective album. As Meghan Trainor recorded her 2016 album Thank You, this duet with John Legend reached the Top 10 at the end of 2015 and extended its run into April. As  the 30-place difference between my rankings and those of Billboard underscores, Billboard’s rankings for 2016 began before January 1st, allowing songs like this one to get a head start on the actual 2016 releases.


That’s all for today! The song will keep getting bigger and bigger as the subsequent parts of the countdown come around, so be sure to keep checking in over the next week or so. A big thanks to everyone for joining me for songs 80-71 of the 101 Biggest Hits of 2016, and I’ll see you here tomorrow for songs 70-61!

Until then,




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