Meet the Staff

Ryan Milowicki is a graduate of Saint Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio, and is currently a Journalism major at Northwestern University. He hopes to translate his passions for film and music into a future career as an Arts & Entertainment columnist for a major newspaper. Read his weekly analysis of the Billboard Hot 100, frequent movie reviews, and periodical sports articles here.

Corey Mueller is currently a senior at Saint Edward High School, and will be attending Northwestern University where he plans on majoring in Journalism and Broadcasting, with possible minors in Biology and Spanish.  Corey is an avid fantasy sports manager, regularly participating in fantasy leagues for the MLB, NFL, and NBA seasons.  Corey hopes to turn his love of sports and photography into a career in the future, and aspires to make it to ESPN or National Geographic one day. Thanks for reading his Sunday Sports Column and other articles!

Axel Boada is a journalism student at Northwestern University. He is a sports analyst, reporter and videographer for  various campus outlets. He equally loves comic books, video games and all assorted nerdery. Read his sports and nerd news articles here.

Zack Becker lives a cursed life as a lactose-intolerant strawberry milk aficionado. He’s a freshman at Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism and he loves sports sports sports!!!


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